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void Wallpapers::RegenerateTimeout ( guint  _nCnxn,
Gnome::Conf::Entry  _gconfEntry 
) [private]

Called when the user changes the wallpaper change timeout, to re-establish the glib callback.


_nCnxn The connection id associated with the gconf key.
_gconfEntry The gconf entry that has changed.
12-06-2006 GAF Written

Definition at line 463 of file Wallpapers.cc.

References SetRandomDelayed().

Referenced by Wallpapers().

      // delete old timeout!

      // (re)create wallpaper change timeout
      if(m_pGconfClient->get_bool("/apps/wp_tray/b_timeout") == true)
            // set the wallpaper timeout
            m_sigcConnection = Glib::signal_timeout().connect     (
                        sigc::mem_fun(this, &Wallpapers::SetRandomDelayed),
                        m_pGconfClient->get_int("/apps/wp_tray/n_timeout") * 60 * 1000
      }// end if
}// end Wallpapers::regenerate_timeout

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