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void PreferencesDialog::OnButtonRemDirClick (  ) 

Handle the users request to remove a wallpaper directory.


12-11-2006 GAF Written

Definition at line 243 of file PreferencesDialog.cc.

Referenced by PreferencesDialog().

      Glib::RefPtr<Gtk::TreeSelection> pTreeSelection = m_pTreeView->get_selection();

      Gtk::TreeModel::iterator it = pTreeSelection->get_selected();
      // if anything is selected
            Glib::ustring szValue;

            it->get_value(0, szValue);

            m_lsWpDir.erase(std::find(m_lsWpDir.begin(), m_lsWpDir.end(), szValue));

      }// end if
}// end PreferencesDialog::OnButtonRemDirClick

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