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PreferencesDialog Class Reference

#include <PreferencesDialog.hh>

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Detailed Description

Dialog derivation that implements Wallpaper Tray preferences.

Gareth Foster
Copyright(c) 2006 Gareth Foster.

Definition at line 48 of file PreferencesDialog.hh.

Public Member Functions

void OnButtonAddDirClick ()
 Handle the users request to add a new wallpaper directory.
void OnButtonApplyClick ()
 Handle the users request to close the dialog and apply their new settings.
void OnButtonCloseClick ()
 Handle the users request to close the dialog.
void OnButtonRemDirClick ()
 Handle the users request to remove a wallpaper directory.
void OnEntryTimeChanged ()
 PreferencesDialog (BaseObjectType *_pWindow, const Glib::RefPtr< Gnome::Glade::Xml > &_pGlade)
 Construct a new preferences dialog.
virtual ~PreferencesDialog ()
 Destroy a preferences dialog.

Private Member Functions

void GetSettingsInGconf ()
 Retrieve settings from gconf into local variables.
void SetSettingsInGconf ()
 Store settings into gconf from local variables.

Private Attributes

bool m_bFollowLinks
bool m_bImgCheck
bool m_bNotifications
bool m_bTimeout
bool m_bWpLogon
std::list< Glib::ustring > m_lsWpDir
PreferencesDialogModelColumns m_Model
int m_nTimeout
Gtk::Button * m_pButtonAddDir
Gtk::Button * m_pButtonApply
Gtk::Button * m_pButtonClose
Gtk::Button * m_pButtonRemDir
Gtk::CheckButton * m_pCheckButtonFollowLinks
Gtk::CheckButton * m_pCheckButtonImageCheck
Gtk::CheckButton * m_pCheckButtonLogonNew
Gtk::CheckButton * m_pCheckButtonNotifications
Gtk::CheckButton * m_pCheckButtonTimeout
Gtk::Entry * m_pEntryMode
Gtk::Entry * m_pEntrySelectionMode
Gtk::Entry * m_pEntryTime
Glib::RefPtr< Gnome::Conf::Client > m_pGconfClient
const Glib::RefPtr
< Gnome::Glade::Xml > 
Glib::RefPtr< Gtk::ListStore > m_pListstore
Gtk::TreeView * m_pTreeView
Glib::ustring m_szPictureOptions

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