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void Applet::OnDropDragDataReceived ( const Glib::RefPtr< Gdk::DragContext > &  _context,
int  _nX,
int  _nY,
const Gtk::SelectionData &  _selectionData,
guint  ,
guint  _nTime 
) [private]

Called when a user drops an object onto our applet.


12-11-2006 GAF Written

Definition at line 627 of file Applet.cc.

Referenced by Applet().

      if(_selectionData.get_text().find("http://") != Glib::ustring::npos || _selectionData.get_text().find("ftp://") != Glib::ustring::npos)
            // TODO: copy the wallpaper to the collection
      }// end if
            // TODO: local file, move it to the collection
      }// end else

      _context->drag_finish(false, false, _nTime);
}// end Applet::OnDropDragDataReceived

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