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Applet Class Reference

#include <Applet.hh>

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Detailed Description

Applet class which controls the program.

Gareth Foster
Copyright(c) 2006 Gareth Foster.

Definition at line 39 of file Applet.hh.

Public Member Functions

 Applet (PanelApplet *_pPanelApplet)
 Contruct a new Applet object.
Gtk::Container & GetContainer ()
 Gets a pointer to the applet as a Container.
int GetSize () const
 Gets the size of the Applet.
Glib::RefPtr< Gdk::Pixbuf > GetThumbnail ()
 Gets the thumbnail currently saved in the applet.
bool Horizontal () const
 Gets the size of the Applet.
void RenderAndSetThumbnail ()
 Sets and renders a thumbnail of the current wallpaper on the panel as the programs icon.
void RenderThumbnail (Glib::ustring _szFile)
 Renders a thumbnail of the given wallpaper to the m_pThumbnail member.
void SetThumbnailOnPanel ()
 Sets a previously rendered thumbnail on the panel as the programs icon.
virtual ~Applet ()
 Destroy an Applet object.

Private Member Functions

void CreateTooltip (guint _nCnxn, Gnome::Conf::Entry _GconfEntry)
 Called when the wallpaper changes to update the applets tooltip with its location.
void OnAboutActivated ()
 Responds to the user choosing about from the context menu.
bool OnClicked (GdkEventButton *const &_refpGdkEventButton)
 Called when the user clicks the applet.
void OnDeleteActivated ()
 Responds to the user choosing delete from the context menu.
void OnDropDragDataReceived (const Glib::RefPtr< Gdk::DragContext > &_context, int _nX, int _nY, const Gtk::SelectionData &_selectionData, guint, guint _nTime)
 Called when a user drops an object onto our applet.
void OnForwardActivated ()
 Responds to the user choosing forward from the context menu.
void OnHelpActivated ()
 Responds to the user choosing help from the context menu.
void OnPreferencesActivated ()
 Responds to the user choosing preferences from the context menu.
void OnSearchActivated ()
 Responds to the user choosing search from the context menu.

Private Attributes

Gtk::EventBox m_GtkEventBox
Gtk::Image::Image m_GtkImage
Gtk::Tooltips m_GtkTooltips
guint m_nCnxnRenderThumb
guint m_nCnxnUpdateTooltip
std::auto_ptr< Gnome::UI::About > m_pAboutBox
Glib::RefPtr< Gnome::Conf::Client > m_pGconfClient
Glib::RefPtr< Gdk::Pixbuf > m_pGdkIcon
PanelApplet * m_pPanelApplet
Glib::RefPtr< Gdk::Pixbuf > m_pThumbnail
Wallpapers m_Wallpapers


void DisplayAbout (BonoboUIComponent *, void *_pApplet, const gchar *)
 Callback handler for the about event.
void DisplayDelete (BonoboUIComponent *, void *_pApplet, const gchar *)
 Callback handler for the delete event.
void DisplayForward (BonoboUIComponent *, void *_pApplet, const gchar *)
 Callback handler for the forward event.
void DisplayHelp (BonoboUIComponent *, void *_pApplet, const gchar *)
 Callback handler for the help event.
void DisplayPreferences (BonoboUIComponent *, void *_pApplet, const gchar *)
 Callback handler for the preferences event.
void DisplaySearch (BonoboUIComponent *, void *_pApplet, const gchar *)
 Callback handler for the search event.

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