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Applet Member List

This is the complete list of members for Applet, including all inherited members.

Applet(PanelApplet *_pPanelApplet)Applet
CreateTooltip(guint _nCnxn, Gnome::Conf::Entry _GconfEntry)Applet [private]
DisplayAbout(BonoboUIComponent *, void *_pApplet, const gchar *)Applet [friend]
DisplayDelete(BonoboUIComponent *, void *_pApplet, const gchar *)Applet [friend]
DisplayForward(BonoboUIComponent *, void *_pApplet, const gchar *)Applet [friend]
DisplayHelp(BonoboUIComponent *, void *_pApplet, const gchar *)Applet [friend]
DisplayPreferences(BonoboUIComponent *, void *_pApplet, const gchar *)Applet [friend]
DisplaySearch(BonoboUIComponent *, void *_pApplet, const gchar *)Applet [friend]
GetSize() const Applet
Horizontal() const Applet
m_GtkEventBox (defined in Applet)Applet [private]
m_GtkImage (defined in Applet)Applet [private]
m_GtkTooltips (defined in Applet)Applet [private]
m_nCnxnRenderThumb (defined in Applet)Applet [private]
m_nCnxnUpdateTooltip (defined in Applet)Applet [private]
m_pAboutBox (defined in Applet)Applet [private]
m_pGconfClient (defined in Applet)Applet [private]
m_pGdkIcon (defined in Applet)Applet [private]
m_pPanelApplet (defined in Applet)Applet [private]
m_pPreferencesDialog (defined in Applet)Applet [private]
m_pSearchDialog (defined in Applet)Applet [private]
m_pThumbnail (defined in Applet)Applet [private]
m_Wallpapers (defined in Applet)Applet [private]
OnAboutActivated()Applet [private]
OnClicked(GdkEventButton *const &_refpGdkEventButton)Applet [private]
OnDeleteActivated()Applet [private]
OnDropDragDataReceived(const Glib::RefPtr< Gdk::DragContext > &_context, int _nX, int _nY, const Gtk::SelectionData &_selectionData, guint, guint _nTime)Applet [private]
OnForwardActivated()Applet [private]
OnHelpActivated()Applet [private]
OnPreferencesActivated()Applet [private]
OnSearchActivated()Applet [private]
RenderThumbnail(Glib::ustring _szFile)Applet
~Applet()Applet [virtual]

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