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// WP_TRAY_UTIL.H //////////////////////////////////////////////////////
// Author:                    E^rthW( )rm 2003
// Last Mod:                  Friday, September 05 2003
// About:                     Utilities for directory recursion
//                                  and regular expression checks
// License:             GPL

// defines /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
#define ERROR_DIR_NOT_FOUND         -1
#define ERROR_DIR_NO_ACCESS         -2
#define ERROR_DIR_UNKNOWN           -3

// pass in the path to the a search directory and a pointer to a
// zeroed integer to count regular files
f_count_dir_entries                       (gchar *sz_dir, gint *p_dir_count);

// get the name of the file entry given a directory to search
// and the numerical index of the file entry
gchar *
f_get_dir_entry                           (gchar *sz_dir, gint *p_dir_trgt, gchar **sz_dir_trgt);

// match a string to a regular expression
f_reg_exp_match                           (const gchar *string, const gchar *pattern);

// return a list of the directory entries matching a regular expression
GList *
f_get_dir_regex_match_list          (gchar *sz_dir, const gchar *sz_regex, GList **ls_result);

// select a wallpaper at random from the current dir list
f_set_rand_wallpaper                (GtkWidget *button, gpointer user_data);

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